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Let’s be honest, Nobody likes a Cockroach at home. We know that and that is why we have been helping Families and businesses with Cockroach Control for over 40 years.

Cockroaches are believed to be over 300 million years old and are thought to have originated in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of Africa. In Sydney, unfortunately, we got a few amount of them and we are experts dealing with all of them.

Worldwide there are over 3000 species of cockroaches however only half a dozen have attained the status of a pest species. The remaining non-pest species live in decaying plant material, dark damp areas such as caves, and beneath the bark of rotting trees.

The omnivorous appetite of cockroaches makes any unprotected food susceptible to cockroach infestation and contamination. Their indiscriminate feeding sources in such areas as sewers, drains and garbage areas bring them in contact with disease organisms including salmonella and other organisms associated with dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Australian Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and are seldom seen during the daytime, however, in areas where there are heavy infestations, sightings of cockroaches may become more common. It is generally accepted that for every cockroach seen there are at least a further ten that are hidden away in out-of-sight areas. Common harbourage areas include cracks and crevices, dishwashers, electrical motors and switches, ovens, and almost any warm, moist areas where food is available.

Telltale signs indicating cockroach activity include the presence of egg cases, regurgitation marks, faeces, odour and cast-off nymphal skins.

Infestation occurs when cockroaches are carried into premises on raw materials or packaging or gain entry to the premises through drain covers, ventilation openings and under doors.

The female cockroach encloses their eggs in purse-shaped egg cases which they deposit or glue onto a surface prior to the eggs hatching. They are prolific breeders with the most common of the pest species, the German cockroach, being capable of producing 20,000 offspring within a twelve-month period. Female cockroaches also have the ability to produce young without mating. This is referred to as parthenogenesis.

Cockroach Treatment

When we carry out a Cockroach Treatment there is no need to leave the premises. None of our cockroach treatments have an odour and there are no dangerous fumes. You also don’t need to empty your kitchen cupboards before the treatment. This is because we use a cockroach gel inside the cupboards which the cockroaches are attracted to. Emptying the kitchen cupboards can also spread the infestation to other parts of the house if you move the items to another room. As part of the treatment, we will spray a perimeter along the skirting boards through every room in the house so we would need access to as much of the edge as possible. This doesn’t mean you need to move large pieces of furniture like beds and lounges, as we spray in front of them. We mean clothes and toys etc that may be in the rooms. We will also treat the external perimeter along with any outdoor seating areas, bbq’s, sheds etc.

All cockroach treatments come with a 6-month warranty


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