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Wasp Nest Removal


Manly Warringah Pest Control has been providing professional Wasp Nest Removal services to both commercial and residential premises for over 40 years.  We are based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches but we service all Sydney areas.

Paper Wasp Nest Removal

The most common wasp encountered in Australia is the Paper wasp. The nest is a series of cells shaped like an inverted cone made from saliva mixed with wood fragments. When it dries the mixture is quite paper-like and gives these wasps their name. Manly Warringah Pest Control has been providing professional Paper Wasp Nest Removal services to both commercial and residential premises since 1976.

All of our Pest Management Consultants are fully qualified and licensed with TAFE qualifications. They have completed TAFE Certificates II, III and IV in Urban Pest Management

A lone female starts nest construction and lays eggs into the first cells. When they hatch she feeds the larvae on partially chewed-up caterpillars. These larvae grow into female wasps that help with nest construction and lay their own eggs. They may compete to become the dominant egg-layer of the colony by eating each other’s eggs. In the autumn, unfertilised eggs hatch into male wasps that die soon after mating with females, which fly off to start new nests.

Paper wasps can deliver painful stings but are not as aggressive as European Wasps. They normally only attack humans if their nest is disturbed. An ice pack may be used to relieve the pain of the sting. If there is evidence of an allergic reaction, medical attention should be sought.

European Wasp Pest Removal

Let us explain to you about this particular Wasp: European wasps are one of the most annoying pests in Australia from Summer to Autumn aprox.   They invade our homes and they can certainly spoil backyard parties. They can become very aggressive so it is important to get rid of them as soon as you detect you have some. They can be very aggressive and painful when they sting.

The European wasp is a non-native species to Australia and quite an aggressive one. Since they were discovered, back in 1960 in Tasmania, a few years later we also found them in South Australia, Victoria and of course New South Wales.

We are experts working with European Wasp Nest Removal since 1976. Give us a call today.


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