Spider pest control

Spider Pest Control


Spiders play an important part in our environment as they are essential to natural ecosystems. They usually feed on insects so they are quite beneficial to humans and very few are harmful. There are over 2000 spider species in Australia. Even though most spiders are not aggressive, they may bite in self-defence if they feel threatened. Spider Pest Control is the best way to eliminate the risk of getting bitten by a venomous spider

Spiders use venom to kill their prey and this is used against humans in self defence, however, spider fangs are often unable to pierce human skin. Those that can may inflict painful, and in rare cases, dangerous bites.

When a human is bitten by a spider, the venom can cause numerous things. Interference with blood clotting, a breakdown of muscle and tissue, paralysis and breathing difficulties, but most commonly consists of localised pain and swelling.

Redback spiders and Sydney Funnelweb spiders are the only 2 spiders that have caused deaths in Australia, but not since anti-venom was introduced in 1956 and 1980 respectively.


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