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Termite Pest Control

Termites Control

Manly Warringah Pest Control has been providing professional Termites Control services to both commercial and residential premises since 1976.

Termites are often called “white ants”, but they have few characteristics in common with ants.  When termites were first discovered people thought they were ants and as they were white, they were called “white ants”. With developments in science, it was soon discovered that they weren’t in fact ants. However, the name stuck.

In Australia, there are over 300 native species of termite with only a handful being of economic importance. Most just eat felled trees and rotting timber. Each colony has a King, Queen, soldiers and workers. The kings and queens mate and produce the young. The soldiers protect the nest and the workers feed and clean everybody. The queen can choose whether the new termites will be kings, queens, soldiers or workers.

Every year the queen produces new reproductives. These are the new kings and queens that will start new colonies. They do this with a colonising flight. During the colonising flight, you can see thousands of reproductive termites swarming around. The conditions outside the nest have to match those inside the nest. Therefore a lot of colonies will send out the new reproductives (alates) at the same time. This usually
happens around November and December.

Termite Inspection

Homeowners should have a Termite Inspection carried out by a licensed pest controller every year, according to the Australian Standard. Manly Warringah Pest control has been providing professional and effective Termites Pest Control and Inspection since 1976 to both commercial and residential premises.

Termite Treatment

If we find termites during a Termite Inspection, we will provide you with an effective Termite Treatment Proposal. This outlines the different treatment options and their associated costs. Termite treatments vary from a dust, liquid, or foam treatment to a non-toxic baiting system. The prices for these range from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars, depending on the severity of the infestation. All treatments are carried out according to the Australian Standard 3660.2

If you suspect you have found termites, the worst thing you can do is spray them with something you have bought from the supermarket. The best thing to do is not to disturb them and call Manly Warringah Pest Control. Termites don’t like to be disturbed so if you have disturbed them too much before the pest controller has arrived, we might not be able to locate them when we are there. This causes a delay in identification and treatment.

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