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TermitesTermites are often called "white ants", but they have few characteristics in common with ants.  When termites were first discovered people thought they were ants and as they were white, they were called "white ants". With developments in science it was soon discovered that they weren't in fact ants. However the name stuck.

In Australia there are over 300 native species of termite with only a handful being of economic importance. Most just eat felled trees and rotting timber. Each colony has a King, Queen, soldiers and workers. The kings and queens mate and produce the young. The soldiers protect the nest and the workers feed and clean everybody. The queen can choose whether the new termites will be kings, queens, soldiers or workers.

Every year the queen produces new reproductives. These are the new kings and queens that will start new colonies. They do this with a colonizing flight. During the colonizing flight you can see thousands of reproductive termites swarming around. The conditions outside the nest have to match those inside the nest. Therefore alot of colonies will send out the new reproductives (alates) at the same time. This usually
happens around November and December

Home owners should have a termite inspection carried out by a licenced pest controller every year, according to the Australian Standard.