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BeeAustralia's early European settlers introduced Honey bees to ensure a good supply of honey. Naturally a few escaped and they are now wild throughout most of Australia's southern States. Honey Bees play an important role as pollinators of crops and wild flowers. However when they feel threatened they can attack with a “stinger”, which injects a venom into the person.

If a bee does sting someone, the action is fatal to the bee as it rips out the bee's lower abdomen. The sting, with venom gland pumping, is left in the victim. Honey Bee stings cause intense local pain and swelling, and a severe allergic reaction may occur in some people. This reaction can include difficulty in breathing and even collapse. The sting should be removed, pressure/immobilisation first aid should be applied immediately, and if there is evidence of an allergic reaction, medical attention should be sought.