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Manly Warringah Pest Control


AntsThere are around 3000 known species of ants in Australia. They are social insects that live in more or less permanent nests, with colony sizes varying greatly. The nest consists of a King, Queen and workers. The king, after mating with the Queen, usually dies. The queen will then commence laying eggs. The workers sole purpose is to serve the colony by nest building, foraging for food, feeding immature ants, caring for the eggs and so on. Large workers, known as soldiers, protect the nest from any threat.

The workers are what home owners generally come across when they have an infestation. Killing these workers will do nothing to stop the ants except slow the infestation down. You can kill a million ants but as long as the queen is still inside the nest producing young, the ants will be back in no time! That is why ant baits are the ultimate in treating ants compared to surface sprays.